ArcSight Remote Management

Leverage our expertise, free up your team

icon4ArcSight is the cornerstone of your cyber security. Falling behind on maintenance and tuning will seriously affect your ability to detect cyber attacks and protect your critical assets. That said, most organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to hire ArcSight experts and justify the cost.

Proficio employs some of the best ArcSight experts in the US. In fact, the Proficio CEO and lead architects joined Proficio from ArcSight after taking it public. The team gained their expertise from hundreds of implementations, making them the world leaders in configuring, running, upgrading and patching ArcSight. The combined intelligence and absolute focus on cyber security trends allows them to keep up with the latest threats, minimise the false positive alerts and optimise your security performance.

You can offload all SIEM administration responsibilities or have Proficio implement content enhancement and development on an ad-hoc basis. Either way, your critical assets will be better protected and it won’t break the bank.


They all rely on HP ArcSight for security and compliance.