PCI Compliance

We take the pain out of compliance

ProSCAN PCI Compliance, powered by QualysGuard, provides businesses with the most cost-effective and highly-automated way to achieve PCI DSS compliance. PCI DSS requires businesses to perform a network security scan every 90 days on all Internet facing networks and systems. To achieve compliance, businesses must identify and remediate all critical vulnerabilities detected during the scan. Historically, this has been a manual process for most organisations, making it incredibly onerous and expensive.

ProSCAN automates and greatly simplifies this daunting process by providing easy-to-use reporting and identification of vulnerabilities that would result in a compliance failure. For each vulnerability discovered, ProSCAN provides detailed instructions with links to verified patches, so that you can quickly eliminate each vulnerability.

It also enables merchants and Member Service Providers to promptly complete the PCI self-assessment questionnaire, and conduct network and web application security scans to efficiently identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities. The “auto submission” feature completes the compliance process, allowing users to submit compliance status to one or multiple acquiring banks.