Privacy Act Compliance

Policy compliance made easy

Recent changes to the Privacy Act and enforcement measures means that companies that fail to take appropriate actions to secure their data may be prosecuted if there is a subsequent breach. Civil penalties of $340,000 for individuals, and $1.7 million for companies. The damage your the company’s reputation will most likely exceed any financial penalties and the impact on careers can be fatal, as the CEO of Target discovered.

Importantly, companies need to understand what can be considered a breach. A breach occurs when an unauthorized person accesses private information, either intentionally or unintentionally. It’s far more common and innocuous than you might think and includes:

40% of breaches are caused by negligence

– Ponemon Institute

CloudPort helps organisations to achieve and maintain compliance with the Privacy Act. We take a systematic yet pragmatic approach that aims to deliver the right outcomes as opposed to mountains of compliance paperwork to tick a box. Our 6 step process can be easily followed by joint teams or purely external teams as required.