Cloud Services

We take the guesswork out of cloud computing

cloudDespite all the hype and complex buzzwords, cloud computing is relatively a simple concept. Rather than buying technology and installing it on-premise, you just rent an application over the Internet and pay for what you use each month.

In cloud nirvana, all your applications and data are accessed using a web browser on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Getting to nirvana however is not so simple. There are many different paths, with pros and cons that will impact your business performance and future plans along the way. Like any journey, picking the right path and starting at the right time will determine the success of your arrival.

Importantly, cloud computing must be treated as a holistic business transformation, not a technology upgrade. The primary driver for moving to the cloud must be to improve your current business performance and enable your future vision.

Cloud Services

    Cloud Opportunity Assessment

    There are many paths to Cloud Nirvana. Some organisations take the path of least resistance, which also tends to be the path of least return. CloudPort can help you to assess and identify the right cloud opportunities for your company, based on your current state and future vision.

    Cloud Strategy Development

    CloudPort works with clients to develop holistic cloud strategies that are aligned with your business strategy. Whether it’s all­encompassing or application specific, we can help you to develop a strategy that sets a smooth journey to the cloud and delivers the required outcomes and benefits.

    Legacy Application Porting

    Most vendors already offer cloud options and those that don’t will soon be out of business. But what about the dozens of minor legacy applications your people use every day? The vendor is long gone, or it was developed in-house, there are no cloud options or alternatives. How do you get them off-premise AND delivered-as-a-service ?

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