Advanced Log Management

Support for 350+ device types out of the box

Each component in your network generates thousands of log events every day, providing visibility to the real-time activity across your devices, applications and databases. Whilst most of this data is mundane and benign, capturing and managing logs is the first step in securing your critical assets. ProSOC automates the process of collecting logs, in any native format, before converting them into a unified format known as Common Event Format (CEF) that can be easily read by man and machine. With 350+ integrations out of the box, ProSOC supports three times as many security devices and applications as our competitors.

Proficio provides customers the choice of storing logs in their secure cloud-based infrastructure or in a datacenter of choice using a dedicated logging appliance. Log data collected in the cloud is limited to metadata and does not include any protected customer data like credit card or healthcare information. This means data can be safely and legally exported to the US.

Logs provide an audit trail that can be analysed to detect and conduct detailed forensic analyses of cyber attacks, streamline regulatory audits, assist in application development, and improve IT service levels. Most compliance regulations and mandates require that event logs are collected, reviewed and retained. Retention policies vary by industry. For example, PCI requires that logs from in-scope systems are reviewed daily, and retained for one year.

ProSOC provides the most aggressive and cost effective log retention service in the industry. Normalized logs are retained for 12 months and security cases and reports are retained for 7 years – all part of the standard ProSOC service and at no additional cost.